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Adding a second User to your family account

How to setup your Yoto Player so that more than one person can be linked to the same account

A second (or third) user joining a family account

If a partner has already set up your Yoto Player and got it online and working, and has paired to it, this will have set up a family account. You can now join this family account. When you do this, both of you can see and play all the cards your family owns, as well as manage Player settings. (A family account is not limited to 2 or 3 members, by the way.)

You should use your own credentials when you sign up in the app, not those of the first person to set up the Yoto Player.



To pair to an existing Yoto Player and join a family account, start the 'Join a Family Account' process from the Menu screen, then follow the instructions in the app. This will involve some similar steps to the full setup process, but will be much shorter as you will not have to get the Player online.


6 Digit code

Yoto will just need to verify you have access to the Player, by asking for the six letter security code generated on the front of the Player, then you will be given the option to join the existing family account. You will see in the app the details of other members in the family account at the point where you join.




What your account will look like in the app, once set up

Once you have joined a family account as the second user, you can then see the details of this by navigating to the Players tab in the app. There you will see the details of all paired users and all paired Yoto Players.

You will also be able to enter the Settings screen for each Yoto Player you own, in order to manage settings and personalise features.