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Adding a second Yoto Player to your family account

If you own more than one Yoto Player you can set them up in the same family account

Benefits of adding a second Yoto Player to your family account

If you have had Yoto Player for a while, you will know the benefits of family accounts, and how they allow more than one parent to manage Settings on the Player, as well as see and play all of a family's audio content directly from the phone.

If you own more than one Yoto Player, you can add each new one to the same family account so that you can control them in exactly the same way, all managed from one screen in the Yoto app from a single login (per user).

How to add a second Yoto Player to your family account

To set up a second Yoto Player and join it to your family account, simply start the 'Set up a Yoto Player' process, by navigating to the Menu screen in the app. Then follow the instructions in the app. (Our full guide to setting up a new Yoto Player can be found here.)




Here is the screen you will see towards the end of the setup process. To pair your phone and join the Yoto Player with your family account, simply select the PAIR MY PHONE button.


What your account will look like in the app, once set up

Once you have setup your second Yoto Player in your family account, you can see the details of this by navigating to the Players tab in the app. There you will see the details of all paired users and all paired Yoto Players.

You will also be able to enter the Settings screen for each Yoto Player you own, in order to manage settings and personalise features.




If you get stuck or the Player or app is behaving in a different way described above, please visit our Troubleshooter