How do I get a birthday shoutout on Yoto Daily?

In mid-2020, we started doing birthday shoutouts on Yoto Daily to help kids in lockdown celebrate their special day. It's become incredibly popular - too popular! 

We're still welcoming your little ones' birthday details, but please note that we require 7 days notice for recording and we must now limit the number of shoutouts to 10 per day. First come, first served!

To submit your birthday shoutout, please email with the subject line "Yoto Daily Birthday Shoutout". You must include the below details:

  • Your child's name and how you want it to appear (e.g. first name, full name). If your child has a name that some people find difficult to pronounce, please include some guidance for how to pronounce it. 
  • The age your child is turning
  • Where they are in the world (optional, but it lets your child know that it's really them that's being celebrated)
  • The date of your child's birthday. You'd be amazed at how many people forget to tell us when their child's birthday is!

We are currently accepting birthday submissions up until the end of March 2021.