Can I make cards from my Audible / Spotify / iTunes content?

Some information on using different types of content to make your own Yoto cards

What format can I use to make my own Yoto cards?

You can make Yoto cards with any content that you own that is in MP3 or AAC/M4A format.

Can I make cards from Audible content?

Audible downloads are in proprietary format called AAX and as it is proprietary, Yoto cannot support the AAX format.

But there is third party software that you can use to change the format of your owned Audible content into MP3 or AAC. You may choose to search for these online.

Can I make cards from Spotify content

Spotify is a streaming service, with a subscription payment model, so you can't download music in MP3 or AAC. There is not currently any support to play Spotify playlists on Yoto.


Can I make cards from iTunes content?

Yes. iTunes uses AAC/M4A so your owned iTunes content should work on Yoto. Please note you will need a desktop computer to extract your audio files from iTunes.