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Charging the Yoto Player battery

How to charge Yoto Player using the Dock, how long a full charge takes and lasts for, and how to tell what the battery level is

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1. How to charge Yoto Player using the Dock

Yoto Player comes with a clever magnetic Charging Dock that easily snaps into place when Yoto Player is placed on top of it. When plugged into to a wall socket that is turned on, the Dock will charge the Yoto Player whether it is switched on or off.

Yoto Feature - Portable Recharge Dock 3

2. How long does a full charge take?

Yoto Player takes about 5 hours to fully charge the built-in battery from fully depleted. It does not take any more or less time if you also play audio at the same time as charging.

3. How long does a full charge last for?

This depends a lot on how you are using Yoto Player. And how much the pixel display is on for.

At one end, if you are playing a piece of streaming content, say Fun Kids Radio - which takes more power than playing a card that is stored locally on the Player, and has a bright display icon to boot - you will get around 3 hours continuous playback.

At the other end, if you play a card which is already downloaded to the Player, and the nightlight is the only illumination (on mid-brightness), you'll get more like 8 hours of continuous playback.

And we're working actively to optimise this further to improve the performance.

4. How to tell what the battery level is?

To see what the approximate battery level is, observe the display on the front of Yoto Player as you remove it from the Dock, or make a short press on the power button with no card inserted. The following icons mean the following battery levels:

Icon What it means
charging The Player battery is charging on its dock (this icon displays for 3 seconds as you dock the Player)
Full_battery Battery is fully charged
good_battery Battery level ok (more than 50% charged)
medium_battery Battery low (less than 50% charged)
low_battery Battery very low (less than 25% charged) - please recharge
depleated_battery_icon Battery empty (0%) - the Player will automatically turn off. Player won't turn on until it is charged