Connecting Yoto Player to your Wi-Fi network when it has a network name (SSID) longer than 31 characters

Find out how to complete setup of Yoto Player if your Wi-Fi network has an SSID longer than 31 character

Yoto Player works with Wi-Fi network names (SSID) that are up to 31 characters in length, so if your SSID is longer than this, your will not be able to complete the setup process.

Note: Yoto Player uses 2.4GHz WiFi and not 5GHz Wi-Fi

In the picture below we see a Wi-Fi name that is too long for Yoto Player (A988 Hyperoptic 1Gb Fibre 2.4Ghz) .


How to fix

To fix this problem, you will need to rename your Wi-Fi network name to anything 31 characters or shorter. 

To do this, you will need to go into your router's settings. This can be slightly different depending on which router you have.

For the example above, the full instructions can be found on Hyperoptic's website:

Once you complete the name change, you will be able to connect your Yoto Player to your Wi-Fi by starting again the  Set up a Yoto Player process from the Yoto app.