Does the Yoto Player need to be online to work?

Advice on using a Yoto Player offline

Short answer: Yes and No!


Wi-Fi needed
Your Yoto Player does need a Wi-Fi connection in order to download content for the first time a card is used, to play radio, receive new Yoto Daily updates and to receive important Yoto OS updates.  This can either be through a home Wi-Fi router or a Mobile Hotspot.

The cards you have do not physically hold any data - they have a chip inside them that, when inserted into the Player, prompts it to play the title.  When you insert a card for the first time, it will link the Player to our servers for it to download the audio content (you’ll see a blue cloud icon on the front display when it starts).  That audio is then saved on the Player’s internal storage. It might take some time for longer cards to complete (you can follow download progress in the Mobile App under Players and then Settings), but once the content is downloaded, it will be available for playback offline.


Your Yoto Player can then play back all cards (except radio cards which do need a live connection) offline but they do need to have been downloaded first.