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Getting started

We'll guide you through unboxing, downloading the Yoto App, and getting connected to your Wi-Fi network.

4 articles
Using your player

A guide to player controls, and what icons displayed on the front mean.

16 articles
Using the Yoto App

How to download and use the Yoto App, add users, set up players and manage settings.

6 articles
Yoto Club

Information about Yoto Club, including how to pick your Yoto Club cards and managing your subscription.

13 articles
Yoto Cards

What are the cards made from, what cards languages do we sell, and more.

6 articles
Make Your Own Cards

Create your Make Your Own Cards by recording stories or music, from your audio library, or by linking to streamed audio.

16 articles

How to create, navigate and manage your Yoto account.

9 articles
General troubleshooting

Common issues and their resolutions.

12 articles
Deliveries and returns

A guide to delivery options, services and how we handle returns.

5 articles

Answers to frequently asked questions.

12 articles
Right to Repair

2 articles
Yoto Mini Safety

4 articles