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What cards do I get each month?

It's up to you

We pre-select two cards each month. These will always be brand new so you won't already own them. 

If you'd prefer different cards, there will be 8 more carefully selected titles each month for you to make a swap.

Club members can make their selections from the 20th of the month in one of the following ways:

  • You will receive an email each month with a link to find out which cards have been selected for Club and how to choose different cards if you want to
  • Via the 'Choose your cards' button at the bottom of your Account page on the website
  • There is a link for Club members to make their selections on the Club page of our website 
    (please note - selections can only be made from the 20th to the last day of the month)

If you don't make any swaps, we will send you the 2 new-to-Yoto cards we have selected. 

A full list of card choices for each month is published on our blog

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