Yoto Player Setup

How to get your Yoto Player online so that you can play cards, listen to radio and much more.

Step 1 - Download the Yoto smartphone app

Firstly, you need to download the Yoto smartphone app for iPhone or Android

Once you have downloaded the app, choose Set up a Yoto Player (from either the home screen or the menu button)


Step 2 - Turn on your Yoto Player and place it on the charging dock

  1. Turn on your Yoto Player by pressing the On/Off button, on the bottom corner of the Player, for about 3 seconds until the Yoto Player lights up (if the battery level is too low, you will need to dock and charge it first)
  2. Make sure the charging dock is connected to a power outlet/socket
  3. Place the Yoto Player on the charging dock

    Yoto Feature - Portable Recharge Dock 3

Step 3 - Get your Wi-Fi setup security code to authenticate your Player

  1. Make sure there isn't a card inserted into the Yoto Player
  2. Press and hold both orange buttons on top of the Yoto Player for 5 seconds until you see a 6 letter code (this code only contains letters, not numbers)
  3. In the app, select Set up a Yoto Player, then press the OK I'VE DONE THAT button 
  4. Enter the 6 letter code from the Yoto Player display into the app
  5. On iPhone, press the Go button on the keyboard; On Android, press the Done button

6 Digit code                                        

Step 4 - Get Yoto Player online 

  1. You phone will ask you to confirm connection to the Yoto hotspot, you should select JOIN
  2. Once connected successfully, you will hear a message and the code on the Yoto Player will change to green
  3. In the app, choose the Wi-Fi network you would like to connect to (your home Wi-Fi network most likely) and press Done
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi password  and press Done. The Yoto Player will now connect to the Wi-Fi network that you selected
  5. If successful, you will hear a message and see a green Wi-Fi icon on the Yoto Player display.
  6. After this, the green Wi-Fi icon may start flashing or pulsing - this indicates that the Yoto Player is updating its software to the latest version. Please leave the Player until this has finished.
  7. You can continue setup in the app and pair your phone with Yoto Player by selecting the Pair My Phone button. See our guide on pairing here.
  8. After setup is complete, the Player will restart, so you will see the display briefly go blank, then show a sun or moon clock
  9. You're all set to starting using your Yoto Player! (read our tips on playing cards for the first time, here)
    Sun_clock2-1If you get stuck or the Player or app is behaving in a different way described above, please visit our Troubleshooter