How do I make a card from a radio station outside the Yoto app?

How to find radio stations, get the right link, then make playlists on Yoto which you can link to cards to play on Yoto Player

Radio on Yoto

There are a number of kid-friendly radio stations in the Yoto app, which you can link directly to physical cards. But you may have a favourite radio station that we don't feature on the app, or you may want to explore and find something completely new to link to a card.

If thats the case, read on..

1. Find the right link for the radio station

You will need to find the stream URL for the radio station you want to use. This is the address on the internet which plays the radio station. This is different from simply the web address of the radio station.

Most of the time, the actual stream link is hidden away a little bit inside the web page or web player, so you may have to do a little digging.

Digging around and finding the stream URL is much easier to do on a computer, rather than your phone, so these instructions focus on that method.

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 15.32.17

One good resource you might like to try is Online Radio Box which has a fairly easy way to extract the right link, although it does involve pulling back the Wizard's curtain on The Internet for a moment!

Once you have found the station you'd like to add to your Yoto library, open the page for that station and right click on the PLAY icon, then select 'Inspect':

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 15.20.00

This will open up the source code for the web page. DO NOT BE AFRAID! You should see a block of text highlighted, which includes the stream URL:

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 15.20.31

You can double tap on the stream URL and copy the text to your clipboard (and pat yourself on the back, you've tamed The Internet):

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 15.21.01

Step 2 can be done either on your computer by going to, or by navigating from the app (as the step below describes). Step 3 needs you to be on the app on your phone anyway.

2. Create a playlist

On the Yoto app, go to the My Library tab, and select Make Your Own. Then select the NEW PLAYLIST  button at the top. This will take you out of the app to a web browser page (login using the same email address as you do for the app).


Select MAKE NEWthen tap + Add Stream and paste the Stream URL you found in Step 1 in the text box. You can add more than one stream, change the icon for each track, and you can give this playlist a name.



3. Link your playlist to a card

Go back to the app and navigate to the Make Your Own tab in the My Library section. You should see your newly created playlist in the library. Now, select the three dot menu and select Link To A Card


Next, insert a Make Your Own card into Yoto Player and confirm by pressing the LINK button. You should see a 'record' icon on the display, followed by a green tick to indicate a successful link. The card should now be removed and reinserted in order to play it.



To find out about some other ways to Make Your Own cards, read our full overview page here.