How to use the nightlight

A quick guide to using the Yoto Player nightlight

How to make the nightlight work

If you turn Yoto Player onto its front - and be careful only to do this on a friendly surface like a bedside table, not the floor! - this will turn on the nightlight. To turn the nightlight off, just stand Yoto Player upright again.


How to adjust the brightness of the nightlight

When the Yoto Player is in nightlight mode - as in turned on its face - you can adjust the brightness by turning the right hand orange button. You can turn the brightness all the way down to off.

If you tip the Player upright, to turn the nightlight off, then turn it on again, the brightness will reset to the default level.


How to change the colour of the nightlight

You can also change the colour of the nightlight - to customise your Player -  in the app by navigating to Players, then selecting the Settings icon next to the Yoto Player.