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Yoto Player updates

What's new in the latest Yoto OS release.

Tip: You can check which Yoto OS version your Player is running in the Yoto app by going to Account and selecting Settings next to your Player

To get early access to new features and to help us with testing, you can sign up to our Beta program here https://support.yotoplay.com/beta

Latest releases

Yoto OS v2.5.3280(1st Jul 2021)

  • Fixes issue with Player Wi-Fi Setup failing when in proximity of WPA3 Wi-Fi networks

Yoto OS v2.5.3233
(23rd Jun 2021)

  • Support Wi-Fi set up connecting to mobile hotspot without need for a second mobile to run the Yoto App
  • Fix for low volume when using headphones issue
  • Updated night light red colour to new Tambourine Red to match Adventure Jacket colour
  • Improvements to Yoto Player setup user flows
  • More responsive volume control
  • Fixed an issue where cached content wouldn’t play in offline mode
  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements

Yoto OS v2.5.3102 (6th May2021)

  • Fixes compatibility issue with some cards not being recognized by Player

Yoto OS v2.5.2993 (26th Apr 2021)

  • Support for Wi-Fi automatically switching to the strongest signal
  • Add New Wi-Fi option in the app to quickly add a new Wi-Fi network
  • Faster icon display when navigating chapters and improved display response times
  • Improvements in battery-level monitoring when Yoto player starts up
  • Fix for audio stuttering in Bluetooth mode
  • Lots of bug fixes and foundational upgrades

Yoto OS v2.4.2846 (1st Mar 2021)

  • Fixes issue Wi-Fi credentials not being saved correctly if Player Wi-Fi setup is not fully completed

Yoto OS v2.4.2816 (25th Jan 2021)

  • Fixes issues with right hand button not streaming Yoto Daily in some cases when today's episode has not been downloaded to Player yet
  • Fixes issues with cards occasionally not resuming from last played position
  • Improved stability of Wi-Fi connection

Yoto OS v2.4.2676 (3rd Dec 2020)

  • You can now customise what the right hand button does! You can choose between Yoto Daily, Yoto Radio, Yoto Sleep Radio or disabling it altogether. Plus you can choose different options between day and night.

  • Right hand button now plays Yoto Sleep Radio by default at night

  • Max volume and the nightlight colour can now also be set individually for day and night (setting the max volume to 0 effectively prevents any playback, e.g. at night)
  • Option to disable Player's own headphone volume limiting feature, if volume is too quiet when used with kids' headphones with built-in volume limiting (essentially, prevent them from being double-limited!) 

Yoto OS v2.4.2517 (5th Oct 2020)

    • After re-inserting a card which has completed playback start playback from first chapter again (rather than last one)
    • Enable right hand button to restart playback from beginning for single chapter cards
    • Fixed issue with changes to "Make Your Own" cards not updating on Player instantly

    Yoto OS v2.4.2488
    (15th Sept 2020)

      • When previously played card is inserted resume playback from exactly the same position within track
      • Automatic dimming/brightening of the display depending on environment (optional; disable in Player Settings)
      • Automatic switching off of the Player when off the dock and not in-use for 1 hour (to prevent accidental complete drain of battery)
      • Do Not Disturb - Disabling of Yoto OS audio messages and sound notifications at night time
      • Advance visual warnings when battery level is running low
      • In-app battery level and Wi-Fi signal strength now available in status section of player settings
      • Fixed issue when speaker would occasionally mute itself
      • Eliminated LED noise present on some Players
      • Improved stability of Wi-Fi connections

      Yoto OS v2.3.2396(7th August 2020)

      • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

      Yoto OS v2.3.2211 (1st July 2020)

      • Fixed occasional crash with My First 100 Words card
      • Fixed display clock blinking twice on time update
      • Fixed Yoto Daily not playing when Player has been offline for prolonged period
      • Improved clock accuracy 
      • Improved Wi-Fi connection reliability

      Yoto OS v2.3.2117 (10th June 2020)

      • Extended battery life - New Battery Saver mode - when on battery, the display will now automatically go to sleep after period of inactivity, i.e. no button interactions, no cards played or stopped. This option is configurable in Player settings in Yoto mobile app.
      • Maximum volume - users can set a maximum allowed volume for Player. This option is configurable in Player settings in Yoto mobile app.
      • 12 hour time format - 12 hour and 24 hour time formats for clock can now be set in Player settings in Yoto mobile app.
      • Time zone select - Time zone can now be manually set for Yoto Player clock in Yoto mobile app
      • Reduced audio stuttering when streaming certain radio stations (and on high latency Wi-Fi connections)
      • Improved card linking reliability
      • Fixed issue where using Stop from the mobile app would not always stop playback of the current card
      • Plus more bug fixes, general stability and performance improvements

      Yoto OS v2.3.2006 
      (1st May 2020)

      • Improved audio streaming reliability (reduced audio stuttering on slow connections)
      • Increased download speed of card content for local playback
      • Fixed audio distortion occasionally present during chapter navigation
      • Fixed issues with sudden track restart and "card not recognized" errors
      • Faster update of time on start-up
      • Changes to Make Your Own cards are now reflected faster on Player (requires the Player to be online)
      • Improved battery level indicator accuracy
      • WiFi set up mode can now be exited with either left or right button press
      • Fixed issue with cards not stored locally always restarting from first chapter
      • Player now announces itself as YotoPlayer in WiFi/network devices' list

      Yoto OS v2.3.1937  (17th April 2020)

      • Adds the ability to browse through chapters by turning the right hand button. Press the button to play selected chapter. The same way different languages on "My 100 First Words" card can be selected
      • Improved accuracy of battery indicator when Player taken off dock
      • Fixed issue when time in incorrect timezone was briefly displayed after Player is turned on
      • Improved Yoto Daily functionality
      • Fixed bug when removing a track from "Make Your Own" card could cause the Player to crash
      • Multiple other performance and stability improvements

      Yoto OS v2.3.1816  (27th March 2020)

      • Better online radio streaming playback (reduced stuttering)
      • Faster card download speed (particularly for Players outside UK)
      • Mobile app can now be used to control Player behind firewall (e.g. in schools, corporate networks) with no additional settings
      • Today's date displayed before Yoto Daily is played
      • Several bug fixes, stability and performance improvements

      Yoto OS v2.3.1720 

      • Minor bug fixes and improvements to Bluetooth functionality

      Yoto OS v2.3.1657

      • You can now use your Player as Bluetooth speaker
      • A cloud icon is briefly displayed (after chapter/track number) if this audio has not been downloaded to Player yet and is being streamed from Yoto Cloud

      Yoto OS v2.2.1634

      • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

      Yoto OS v2.2.1551

      • Make-your-own card linking functionality released
      • Night-light brightness control using right-hand knob while in night-light mode
      • Fixes for Yoto Daily
      • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

      Yoto OS v2.2.1339

      • Fixes to playback and stability
      • Improved audio EQ settings
      • Improved offline download management
      • Moved Yoto Radio to AAC format
      • Updated display icons
      • Various bug fixes

      Yoto OS v2.2.1220

      • Fixes for Yoto Daily and Radio
      • Offline downloading in the background
      • Card image display updates
      • Various bug fixes