Record your own stories

How to record your own audio in the Yoto app, link that to cards you can play on Yoto Player, and share audio with loved ones.

Record my own stories you say?

Yes, you can now record your own stories, (or songs, or silly noises) straight into the Yoto app, make playlists from one or several of these recordings, then link these playlists to physical cards you can play on Yoto Player.

That sounds complicated...

It's not.. We wanted to make this process as easy as possible to do, so everyone from parents to grandparents to cousins to uncles and aunties can get involved making creative content they can share with the kids!

OK, I'll give it a go. Tell me more.

Here is a step by step guide to recording audio, making playlists and linking those to physical cards.

Step 1: Navigate to the Make Your Own section of My Library and click on Record Audio

Make Your Own

Step 2: Tap the record button to start recording. 


Step 3: You'll get a countdown before recording starts. Take a deep breath!

 Recording Countdown

Step 4: You can pause and resume recording as you wish. Then tap FINISH to complete. 

MYO Recording +Paused  

Step 5: Give your recording a name, and notice where on your phone the file is being saved.

Make Your Own - Save

Step 6: You will now see your recordings on the Record Audio screen. Tap MAKE PLAYLIST on either of these screens below to continue.

Am I not done? Not quite, you need to upload your audio recordings from your phone to Yoto to make playlists you can play from the app and link to cards.


Step 7: Tap GET STARTED, then log in using the same email address you use for the app.


Step 8: Tap MAKE NEW to start creating a new playlist. Give your playlist a name, and tap "Upload Audio".



Step 9: Find the recordings you want to use in your phone file system, in the folder ending Yoto/Voice. You can add more than one track, change the icon for each track and reorder the tracks. Tap SAVE to finish.

If you can't find your recordings at this point, please restart your phone. This should mean they are visible to make a playlist upon restart.


Step 10 - Tap the back button to go back to the app. You should see your newly created playlist in your Make Your Own library.

Make Your Own - Library


Step 11 - Tap on the playlist title to open the detail page for it. Then select the three dot menu and select Link To A Card. 


Step 12 - Insert a Make Your Own card into Yoto Player and confirm by pressing the LINK button. You should see a 'record' icon on the display, followed by a green tick to indicate a successful link. The card should now be removed and reinserted in order to play it.


TOP TIP: If the linking doesn't work first time, just try again. It can sometimes take a couple of tries to successfully link.

Fantastic, that actually worked! But you said I can share these recordings with loved ones. Do tell..

Grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, all of them, can make recordings which you can link to cards remotely for the kids. They just need to:

  1. Download the app
  2. Follow the “Set up a Yoto Player” steps (getting you to press the buttons on your Player and tell them the code over the phone if they can’t be there in person), to pair with your Yoto Player and join your Family Account (you're gonna need to like them to do this!)
  3. All playlists they make will now be visible in your app, and if they update a playlist with new recordings, this will update on your app, and on any linked cards, AUTOMAGICALLY!

We are developing a sharing feature, so you will soon be able to share your recordings without having to join a Family Account. This will be better for sharing audio with multiple grandchildren, cousins, siblings, etc.

If all that wasn't enough to keep you busy, you can see our main overview support page, for all types of Make Your Own card fun, here.