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Unboxing your Yoto Player

What's in the box

  • Yoto Player
  • Box containing the Yoto Dock + Safety information
  • Welcome Card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety information
  • Leaflet about Yoto Club and refer-a-friend


  • Remove the round sticky fasteners 
  • Remove the sleeve
  • Remove the Yoto Dock box

Tip: The Yoto Dock box is a tight fit - give the sleeve a few shakes and wiggles and it should come out, like ketchup.


  • Open the Yoto Dock box and remove the Dock
  • Open the main box and remove the Welcome Card and Quick Start Guide
  • Remove the Yoto Player

Great! You're now ready to begin setup of your new Yoto Player! Refer to the Quick Start Guide to get started. More detailed instructions are available here.