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Using the Yoto iOS and Android app

A guide to using the Yoto smartphone app

Step 1 - Download the Yoto smartphone app

Firstly, you need to download the Yoto smartphone app for iPhone or Android

Once you have downloaded the app, as a brand new user choose Setup a Yoto Player (from either the home screen or the menu button). Or, as a second parent joining with an already setup Yoto Player, choose Join a Family Account.


Step 2 - Setting up a Yoto Player

For a full guide on how to setup a Yoto Player, follow the instructions here:

Step 3 - Using the Yoto app

The following is a guide to the different features available within the Yoto app, as they are displayed in the main navigation bar at the bottom of every screen.

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1. News 

This is where you can see up-to-date news from Yoto, tips on how to use your Player and articles on things we find interesting, and that you may do, too.


2. Players

This is where you can see your registered account information, which Yoto Players your account is paired with, and which other users are also paired with those Yoto Players. Features include the following:

  • Your registered details - at the top of the screen you will see the email address you used to sign in to the app
  • Paired users - lower down, see all the users (including you) in your family account who are paired with your Yoto Players
  • Paired Players - under the list of users, you will see all the Yoto Players in your family account
  • Player Settings - each Player box has a gear icon denoting the Player Settings. Navigate here to be able to manage settings on that chosen Player, including the following:
    • Player name - personalise your Yoto player by giving it a name
    • Nightlight colour - if you turn Yoto Player onto its front - and be careful only to do this on a friendly surface like a bedside table, not the floor! - this will turn on the Night Light. To turn the Night Light off, just stand Yoto Player upright again. Here in the app, you can customise the colour for the nightlight
    • Allow Bluetooth Pairing - Toggle this to on to allow your Yoto Player to enter Bluetooth mode, so you can play audio through your Player just like any other Bluetooth speaker. Be aware, toggling this on does not turn on Bluetooth mode, it unlocks the feature so you can subsequently enter Bluetooth mode by pressing the left hand orange button for 3 seconds. See our guide here
    • Max Volume Limit - select the level you would like the maximum volume of your Player to be.
    • Batter Saver - select how quickly the Player display dims when no buttons or cards are touched, and when not on the dock. See more on this, here.
    • Day start - set a day start time, so your clock will change from moon to sun at the right time for you
    • Night time - set a night start time, so your clock will change from sun to moon at the right time for you
    • 24-hour clock - choose between a 12 and 24 hour clock for the front display of your Player
    • Automatic time zone - ensure the time zone for your clock is set correctly
    • Yoto OS version - see which software version your player is on. See release notes for software versions here
    • Registration Code - This is the six letter code you used to set up Yoto Player. It is used to troubleshoot issues, if you have them
    • Card Download Status - This shows you if all your cards have been downloaded to Yoto Player, or if some content still needs to download. If content is not downloaded fully, it will need to stream, which may cause playback issues if you have poor Wi-Fi in the location of your Player



3. My Library

This is where you will see all of the cards you own, and other content available to play either through Yoto Player or directly from your phone. Features include:

  • Play Content - click the play icon, next to any card, to play that piece of audio content on the device (Yoto Player or phone) selected in the device picker near the bottom of the screen
  • See Content Details - tap on any piece of content, avoiding the play icon and you will enter the detail page for that title. Here you can see descriptions of content, track listings, as well as seeing the option to link a piece of content to a blank Make Your Own card.
  • Category Tabs - see all your purchased cards in the 'My Cards' tab. Then see a selection of Featured Audio, Radio stations and Podcast episodes available.  The Make Your Own tab shows any cards that you have created yourself. To learn more about how to do that, you can go to our support page, here.
  • Device Picker - Under your audio content, there is a device picker, which allows you to select which device you are controlling, and playing audio on. This can be your phone, or any number of Yoto Players in your family account
  • Volume Control Bar (when a Yoto Player is selected in the device picker) - the Volume Bar allows you to remotely control the volume on the Yoto Player selected in the device picker
  • Mini Player (when your phone is selected in the device picker) - the Mini Player shows you which piece of content you are playing on your phone, and allows you to pause or resume playing. Tapping on the Mini Player opens up the full Player screen, from where you can skip chapters or tracks







4. Store 

Visit the Yoto Card Store, where you can purchase new Yoto cards.

The card store library is an external website, so you will be taken out of the app to visit the store.


4. Menu

This is where you can access a range of other useful features and links, as follows:

  • Set up a Yoto Player - this will start the setup process to get a new Yoto Player online, or to pair your phone with a Yoto Player that someone else in your family has already set up
  • Join a Family Account - this will start the setup process to join an existing Yoto Player that has previously been set up by someone else already
  • User Guides - here are some links to our support pages (these very support pages in fact!), with useful information to help you get started, and get the most out of Yoto 
  • Troubleshooting - visit these support pages if you are having any difficulties getting set up
  • Contact Support - If you've checked through our support pages and need some additional guidance, we are happy to help at any time
  • About Us - visit our website and read the story of how and why we developed Yoto
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions, and hopefully some useful answers



If you get stuck or the Player or app is behaving in a different way described above, please visit our Troubleshooter