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What are family accounts?

A guide to family accounts, what they are and how to set one up.

What are family accounts?

Family accounts are what we call it when a Yoto Player is paired with a user account. They are created automatically when you set up a Yoto Player to get it online, and pair it with the phone you are using for the Yoto app. This associates a user account with a Yoto Player so that you can control the Player using your phone, and manage settings as well.

A family account also means your card purchases will show up in the app, once they are played in Yoto Player. 

Instant Access: If you purchase cards while logged in to our store using the same email address as you use for the app, those cards will be added to your library straight away, so you can enjoy listening to them before the actual cards arrive in the post.

A second user can then add themselves to a family account - if they have physical access to the Player - and more Yoto Players can be added to the same family account too. And any new cards you buy will be visible to all users in the app.

Each user has their own login credentials, and the whole family account structure can be seen in the app, on the Players screen.



How to set up a family account

Family account setup is explained as part of the pairing instructions, which can be found here.