What are the Friends and Family (preview) sharing rules?

We have a few house rules to make sharing your Make Your Own audio safe and secure for the whole Yoto community.

Be responsible -We don’t moderate shared content so please make sure content you share or receive is safe, age appropriate and doesn’t breach the copyright of others. Yoto is not responsible for uploaded content.

Trust - When sharing, your email will be shared along with the content so that the recipient can trust the sharer. If you’re receiving shared content make sure you trust the sender’s email as they can update the content in future


Sharing is fundamental to family life. One of the earliest lessons we teach our children is to share, and as we get older that same generosity rewards us with our closest relationships and fondest memories. So it’s no surprise that sharing is an important part of what we do at Yoto!

When we started Yoto, we knew that families would be excited to share their own stories as much as they’d enjoy listening to their favourite audiobooks and music. So we made it as easy as possible to record your own audio and link these to Make-Your-Own blank cards for kids to enjoy.

Over time we have found this feature to be one of the most popular on Yoto Player - surprise, surprise! We love hearing about grandparents sending bedtime stories to distant grandchildren, of parents making Yoto mixtapes to enjoy in the car or at the dinner table, and of families singing their favourite songs together to enjoy down the line.

In light of all this creativity, we’ve now made it easier than ever to share audio with the ones you love. We’re very excited about it! However, it’s also required a great deal of careful thought to ensure our customers can share safely and freely.

We take our responsibilities as a kids’ audio platform very seriously. We’re parents too, and everything we do at Yoto is handled carefully so that all of our children can enjoy Yoto Player safely. It’s paramount that our audio is appropriate for kids, and we ensure this is the case when we create new audio or license it from our trusted partners.

However, allowing our customers to create and share their own audio means trusting our community of users to share this responsibility with us. The content you upload is private and personal and securely held in a private storage area for you (like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) that we don’t access or vet.

To ensure safe sharing, we have put in place some measures to help our customers verify received content, and this policy to help you understand any potential risk.<br><br>
Part of this policy is a commitment to be as transparent as we can be, and to use plain language when describing how things work on Yoto, so that you as a parent or guardian can make informed decisions when it comes to your family.

The below policy outlines each part of the sharing process with an explanation of what this means for our customers. If you have any questions or concerns about how to safely share audio content on Yoto, please get in touch.

Important: Yoto does NOT moderate or listen to shared audio. Generally, Yoto does not moderate any playlists that are created by our customers and shared between them on the Yoto platform. The onus is on the parent or guardian to check the audio is suitable before allowing your child to listen to it.

The only exception to this rule is if content is flagged by one of our customers as inappropriate. When this happens, sharing access to the audio will be suspended from the Yoto platform and the sharer will be contacted by the team. If the sharer appeals this suspension, the Yoto team will investigate and may ask the sharer for access permission to be able to check the audio.

When you share a MYO playlist through the app

You can share audio that you have created by doing the following:

  1.  Make a playlist in the Yoto app
  2. Select your MYO playlist, then in the menu tap the ‘Share with Friends & Family’ button
  3. This creates a public link to your playlist which you can share through any supported messaging/email/social platforms

Important: Once the playlist is shared, anyone with access to the link will be able to listen to it. This means that if the person you share it with then sends to another person, that other person will be able to listen to it, and also share further if they wish.

You can delete a playlist in the Yoto app. This removes it from the App Library of anyone who has received it and will also remove it from any linked cards once the linked card is played on a Yoto Player that is connected to Wi-Fi.

As the creator of the audio, your email address is always attached to the shared content and is therefore visible to anyone who receives the content.

When you receive a MYO playlist through the app

When you receive a link to a playlist on Yoto, you will know who shared it with you, and you will be able to listen to the audio in the app before you accept it being added to your library.

You will also see the email address of the person who originally created the audio content. This may be the same person who shared the content, or it may be someone else. Make sure you are happy with the audio, happy with the sharer, and happy with the person who created the content before you accept it.

Yoto does not take responsibility for the content that is shared. We do not listen to or approve content before it is shared. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to listen to the content in full to decide if it’s suitable for their child before adding to their library and subsequently linking it to a Make Your Own card.

Once you accept a playlist, it will be added to your library in the app and you will be able to link it to a physical card that can be played on Yoto Player.


When you give or receive a physical Make Your Own card

If you have made a playlist and linked it to a Make Your Own card, you can then give that card to another individual.

The email address of the person who originally created the audio content will always be attached to the playlist, and visible in the app.

When a piece of content shared with you is updated by the original creator

One of the great features of sharing on Yoto is the opportunity to update content on a playlist - add to a story, record a new message or song - and then to have this update made available on all cards that are linked to that playlist.


When we’ll remove content from the platform

As stated above, we do not routinely moderate content on the platform. If content is flagged and automatically removed, and the decision is appealed, Yoto will ask to review the content.

To ensure safe sharing, we reserve the right to remove content if it violates our safe sharing policy, including but not limited to content that

  • Is in breach of copyright
  • Contains offensive language
  • Is racist, obscene, defamatory, sexual, or violent
  • Incites hatred or discrimination
  • Is objectively unsuitable for children under the age of 12