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What is Instant Play? How does it work?

Learn how to instantly play any Yoto card that you buy from the Yoto store

Instant Play is a feature released in June 2020 that allows Yoto customers to have instant digital access to the content that they purchase via the Yoto iOS and Android apps.

This uses your email to match your Yoto store account with your Yoto app account so for it to work, you should use the same address for both.

How does it work?

  1. Browse the Yoto card store and make a purchase
  2. Open the Yoto app and go to My Library > My Cards
  3. Your newly purchased cards will be there and available for play on your Yoto Player(s) and Phone!


If you've purchased a card and can't see it in the Yoto app, pleased check the following:

  • Check you are using the same email address for the Yoto store and the Yoto app
  • Check you are logged in on the Yoto app
  • Try refreshing the My Cards view by selecting News or Account in the Yoto app and then returning to My Library

If you are still having issues, contact us here