What's Yoto Club? How does it work?

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1 - What is Yoto Club? 

Yoto Club is our monthly subscription service. As a member, you’ll receive a selection of new content straight to your door every month. These cards will be temporarily exclusive to Club Members and not yet available to buy on the store, so there's no risk of duplicates. You’ll also enjoy a 10% members discount on Yoto webstores, exclusive in-app content and more.

2 - What does the Yoto Club Pack include? 

When you sign up to Yoto Club, you will receive a Welcome Pack that includes the following goodies:

  • Your Club Card: This will give you a full introduction to Yoto Club and will be updated each month with details of each month’s Club Pack
  • An introduction booklet to tell you all about club
  • A Sticker Sheet
  • 2 x Make Your Own Cards


You’ll then receive monthly Club Packs filled with fun, exclusive content:

  • 2 x Exclusive Audio Cards: A monthly selection of exciting early-bird audio, not yet available on the Yoto Card Store
  • 2 x Activities: Fun activities to play while listening
  • Your Monthly Calendar
  • A New Postcard: Share the love by sending some “old school” mail to friends and family
  • An Art Project: These will get bigger and bigger each month

Visit our blog to check what club members have received this past few months!

3 - When will I receive my first monthly Club Pack? And then the following ones?

After you've received your Welcome Pack, you will receive your monthly Club Pack the first week of every month.

  • If you have subscribed before the 25th of the month (deadline is on the 24th of each month at 11:59pm), you will receive your first club pack the first week of the upcoming month. For example if you subscribe on September 23rd, you will receive your first club the first week of October. 
  • If you have subscribed after or on the 25th of the month, your first club pack will be sent the following month. For example if you have subscribed on September 25th or 28th, then your first club pack will be sent the first week of November. You won't be able to receive the previous month even if you would like to pay for it, as club orders end on the 25th of each month and we only make as many Packs as we need. Thanks for understanding! 

4 - What cards do I get each month? Is there a chance I'll already have the card?

Every month you will receive two exclusive audio cards which are not yet available to purchase on our Yoto website (so there's no risk of a double up!). These cards are carefully selected by our team each month. And no... we won't reveal what's in each month's Club, you will have to wait for your Club Pack to arrive!

5 - Can I gift a Yoto Club membership? 

Yes! At checkout, just enter the shipping address and name of the person you're gifting the Club membership to and click Use a different billing address before paying to enter your details.

NOTE: If you wish to add the Yoto Club to the Yoto Account of the person you're gifting, please contact us and we will sort this out for you. Although please note that you would not be able to manage the subscription (edit/cancel) anymore as the subscription will be handled on a different Yoto Account. 

6 - How to manage my subscription? 

Please read our dedicated article here.