Where is my order?

How long delivery takes, premium shipping, how to track your order, when to contact us

Delivery time 

Delivery time varies by location, please check the FAQs of your local yotoplay.com site for more information. Note that if the item you have purchased is in stock we will aim to ship the next business day (that means not on the weekend 😀) 

Tracking my order 

If you have ordered a Yoto Player or used premium shipping at checkout, you will receive a tracking number on the confirmation shipping email. If you have ordered cards or accessories only, you won't get a tracking number.

Premium shipping

Premium shipping is available on yotoplay.com and us.yotoplay.com. There may be times when we cannot offer premium delivery due to postal service congestion (Black Friday, Boxing Day, Christmas), this will be indicated at checkout. 

You cannot upgrade to premium shipping once you have placed your order. 

When to contact us? 

Contact us at hello@yotoplay.com after 7 days from dispatch email if you have not received your order and you cannot track it. Please avoid sending multiple emails as this will only add to the number of emails in our support inbox and will slow us down. We are a small team and will do everything we can do ensure you are responded to as soon as possible.

If you have already sent an email, please refrain from contacting us on social media about the same issue as this only causes cross-over between our social media and customer service teams. If our customer service team is busy talking to our social media team then they aren't busy answering your emails!