Wi-Fi and connecting to the internet

Answers to common issues with connecting to Wi-Fi

Your Yoto Player needs to connect to the internet to play new cards and to download software updates.

When a card is played for the first time, the content will download to the Player so that you can play it offline in the future.

Tip: As with many electronic devices, most problems can be resolved by turning off and turning on again. See Yoto Player controls for more on this.

Wi-Fi issues

If your Player is unable to connect to Wi-Fi or hasn't been setup yet, you will see the white face icon on the display.

You'll need to run through setup to get your Player online.

  • Signal strength - Yoto Player needs a decent Wi-Fi signal to function properly, especially during setup. Try moving the Player closer to your router if you have having Wi-Fi issues.
  • Wi-Fi band - Yoto Player requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band to operate - this is the standard and common band that all routers support. Make sure your router hasn't been configured to use 5Ghz band only as this will prevent the Player connecting
  • Wi-Fi channel - Sometimes Wi-Fi channels can become congested. If you are having connection issues, you can try changing the Wi-Fi channel that your router operates on (see your router instructions on how to do this)
  • Connection to the internet - It is possible for the Yoto Player to connect to your Wi-Fi router but not to the internet. In this case, the Player will display a green face icon. You should check your internet connection and possibly try restarting your router.