How do I manage my monthly Yoto Club subscription?

Update delivery and billing details, gifting Club, cancelling subscription and more

1 - How to update your delivery address, Club age range, billing details, or cancel your subscription

Simply log in to your account and select Manage Subscription tab. 

Once there, you can view your Active and Inactive Subscription if you have any: 

Active Subscription To edit your subscription simply click on the Edit button, you will land on this page: 

From there you can: 

- Edit your subscription product: for example if you want to change your club age group. Click on the arrow and select a new age group there.

- View your next charge date: charge date happens on the 20 of every month, this is a default setting and cannot be changed. If funds are not available, we will attempt to collect the payment three times from the card we have on file and if that fails, then your subscription will be canceled automatically.

- Edit your shipping address: simply click on the arrow to edit your shipping address. 

- Edit your billing address: simply click on the arrow to edit your billing address. Note that you cannot edit your email address as this is associated to your Yoto Account. If you need to edit your email, please contact us at 

- Edit and add payment information: (card on file), click on the arrow to edit your payment details. 

- Cancel your subscription:  don't fancy Club anymore? Going on a long holiday and wish to cancel your membership? Just click on Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page. You can resubscribe at any time (see Inactive subscription below)

Inactive Subscription

- Re-activate your subscription: Simply click on Re-activate button. Once done, you can edit shipping and billing address, payment details, and swap your age range as stated below. 

    HELP: I cannot see my subscription when I logged in

    If you have created an account with a different email address than the one you used to purchase Yoto Club, please let us know so we can get everything updated for you!

    2 - Gifting Yoto club

    If you have already purchased Yoto Club and you wish to gift it to someone else, simply update the delivery address (as shown above) on your account. Keep the billing address and details in your name. You will be able to update/cancel the subscription at any time. 

    NOTE: If you wish to add the Yoto Club to the account of the person you're gifting, please contact us and we will sort this out for you. Although please note that you would not be able to manage the subscription (edit/cancel) anymore as the subscription will be handled on a different Yoto account. 

    If you have not purchase Yoto Club yet, enter the shipping address and name of the person you're gifting to at checkout and click on Use a different billing address before paying, so you can enter your billing details here.