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Yoto Display Icons

A guide to the different icons that appear on the front display of your Yoto Player


Icon Area What it means
offline Connection Player is offline and time is unknown - please run setup in the Yoto app to get the Player online
online Connection Player is connected to Wi-Fi but not connected to the internet - this can happen if your internet connection is down
wifi_connecting Wi-Fi Setup (animated) Player is attempting to connect
wifi Wi-Fi Setup

(static) Wi-Fi connection successful

(animated) Player software in progress

set_up_successful Wi-Fi Setup Setup successful
set_up_cancelled Wi-Fi Setup Setup cancelled
charging Battery The Player battery is charging on its dock
Full_battery Battery Battery is fully charged (100%)
good_battery Battery Battery level ok (more than 50% charged)
medium_battery Battery Battery low (less than 50% charged)
low_battery Battery Battery very low (less than 25% charged) - please recharge
depleated_battery_icon-1 Battery Battery empty (0%) - the Player will automatically turn off. Player won't turn on until it is charged
card_not_recognised Playing Cards Unrecognised card - the inserted card has not been recognised. Make sure your Player is online to read new cards 
playback_connection Playing Cards This card requires the Player to be online (e.g a radio card)
player_update_required Operating System This card requires player software update
Sun_clock2 Clock Day time sun clock image - your chosen day time can be specified in the Player Settings section of the app
Moon_clock1 Clock Night time moon clock image - your chosen night time can be specified in the Player Settings section of the app