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Friends and Family Safe Sharing PolicyUpdated 2 months ago

Key principles

Trust - when sharing a playlist, your email address will be shared with any recipient, so only send it to those you trust. If you’re a recipient, only review and accept a playlist from those you trust. 

Act fairly and responsibly - Yoto doesn’t generally moderate shared content, so please make sure the content you share or receive is safe, age appropriate and doesn’t breach the copyright of others. Yoto is not responsible for this uploaded content.

To ensure safe and fair sharing, we may remove Content or disable Content if we believe that Content:

  • is shared in breach of copyright*

  • contains offensive language

  • is racist, obscene, defamatory, sexual, or violent

  • incites hatred or discrimination

  • is unsuitable for children under the age of 12

  • may have been shared more widely than close friends or family

If the Content is reported to us as inappropriate, or otherwise flagged by an algorithm as contrary to this Sharing Policy, sharing or access to the Content may be suspended from the Yoto platform pending review. 

If this happens, and you would like us to reactivate your content, please see below for how to arrange this.

* If you’re not sure whether you have sharing permission, please read the terms and conditions provided by the audio rights holders.

Sharing your MYO digital playlist

For details on how to share your playlist, see hereOnce the playlist is shared, anyone with access to the link will be able to listen to it. This means that if the person you share it with then sends it to another person, that other person will be able to listen to it, and also share further if they wish. 

As the creator of the audio, your email address is always attached to the shared content and is therefore visible to anyone who receives the content, so think carefully before you share any playlists. 

Receiving a MYO digital playlist  

When you receive a playlist link, you will see the email address of the original content Creator. This may be the same person who shared the content, or it may be someone else.  You can listen to the audio in the app to make sure you are happy with the content before you accept it being added to your library. Please ensure you trust both the Sharer and the Creator. 

Yoto does not take responsibility for the content that is shared. We do not listen to or approve content before it is shared. It is the responsibility of the individual to listen to the content in full to decide if it’s suitable before adding it to their library and subsequently linking it to a Make Your Own card.

Once you accept a playlist, it will be added to your library in the app, and you will be able to link it to a physical card that can be played on your player.

Giving or receiving a MYO digital playlist 

If you have made a playlist and linked it to a Make Your Own card, your email address as the original Creator will always be attached to the playlist when shared digitally, and it will be visible in the app.

When a piece of content shared with you is updated by the original Creator, this update will be automatically reflected on all cards that are linked to that playlist. So again, make sure you trust the creator.

Reactivating your content

Just to be on the safe side, if a shared piece of content has been flagged by another user or automated algorithms as potentially violating our Sharing Policy, it will be temporarily suspended, and no further sharing will be allowed.

In case this happens with content you have created, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Please note that we will review suspended content only on the content creator's request.

Why and how we share?

Sharing is fundamental to life. One of the earliest lessons we teach our children is to share, and as we get older that same generosity rewards us with our closest relationships and fondest memories. So it’s no surprise that sharing is an important part of what we do at Yoto!

When we started Yoto, we knew that families would be excited to share their own stories as much as they’d enjoy listening to their favorite audiobooks and music. So we made it as easy as possible to record your own audio and link these to Make-Your-Own blank cards for kids to enjoy.

Over time, we have found this feature to be one of the most popular on Yoto Player - surprise, surprise! 

In light of all this creativity, we’ve now made it easier than ever to share audio with the ones you love. However, it also requires a great deal of careful thought to ensure our customers can share safely and freely.

Allowing our customers to create and share their own audio means trusting our community of users to share this responsibility with us. The content you upload is private and personal and securely held in a private storage area for you (like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) that we don’t access or vet.

To ensure safe sharing, we have put in place some measures to help our customers verify received content, and this policy to help you understand any potential risk.

Got a question?

If you have any questions or concerns about sharing content on Yoto, don't hesitate to contact us.

 If you’re not sure whether you have sharing permission, please read the terms and conditions provided by the audio rights holders.

Policy last updated March 2022

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