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How to make a card from your own recordings and create playlistsUpdated a year ago

Use the Recording feature in the Yoto app to record stories, songs, jokes - whatever you feel like - and then create a playlist to link to a Make Your Own card.

Record your own audio

  • Go to the Make Your Own section of the Library in the Yoto app
  • Click the white Recordings button at the top of the screen to use our in-app recording feature
  • Any recordings you make here will be automatically saved onto your phone (look for a folder ending Yoto/Voice)

Create a playlist

The next step is to upload your audio files from your phone to make a playlist. 

  • In the Make Your Own page tap the orange New Playlist button
  • This will take you out of the app to a web browser page (login using the same email address as you do for the app) 
  • Tap the MAKE NEW button then follow the instructions to upload your audio recordings and create your playlist
  • Click SAVE to finish

You will need to find the folder where your recordings are stored the first time you do this, but next time your phone should show this folder automatically.

You can add as many tracks as you like, change the icon for each track, and give this playlist a name. 

Link your playlist to a card 

Back in the Yoto app you will see your newly created playlist in the Library. 

  • Tap your new playlist to go to the detail page
  • Tap the three dot menu 
  • Select Link to a Card
  • Insert a Make Your Own card into your player  
  • Confirm by tapping Link in the pop up panel

You should see a red 'record' icon on the player display, followed by a green tick to indicate a successful link. 

Take your card out of the player and reinsert it to play your new playlist.

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