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Make a card from podcasts that are not in the Yoto appUpdated a year ago

Create a playlist or card from a podcast that isn't in the Yoto app

1. Create a new Playlist

To set up a custom podcast, visit yotoplay.com/create and login using the same email address as you do for the app.

Select Podcasts, at the top and then Add Podcast, to get started.

2. Find and add the podcast stream 

Tap the icon to the left to choose between dozens of available icons for your podcast, or upload your own.

To the right, insert the podcast's RSS link. Then, tap 'Grab podcast details', and let the website work some magic. 

When the podcast stream has been retrieved, the  page will update with the podcast's name and episode list. Tap Save to add this podcast to your list.

 Note - To find an RSS link for a podcast, simply search the podcast name and RSS feed in a search engine. This link is not the same as the podcast's website link, and it will often contain 'rss' in the URL. 

For example, this link will not work:  https://www.buzzsprout.com/170026 

But this link to the same podcast will work:: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/170026.rss  

3. Link your playlist to a card 

  • Go back to the app and navigate to the Make Your Own section.

  • You will see your newly created playlist in the library. Tap on that title to open the detail page

  • Tap the three dot menu

  • Select Link to a Card

  • Insert a Make Your Own card into your player and confirm by tapping Link in the pop up panel

You should see a red 'record' icon on the player display, followed by a green tick to indicate a successful link. 

Take your card out of the player and reinsert it to play your new playlist.

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