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Use a Make Your Own card to replace a Yoto CardUpdated 3 months ago

How to make a replacement card using Make Your Own

Make Your Own cards are really useful if you happen to damage or lose a card (maybe it gets wedged down the side of the sofa, or behind the bed!). 

To create a copy of a card from your Library 

  • Open the detail page for the card you want to create a copy of
  • Tap the three dot menu 
  • Select Link to a Card 
  • Insert a Make Your Own card into your player 
  • Confirm by tapping Link in the pop-up panel

You should see a red 'record' icon on the player display, followed by a green tick to indicate a successful link. 

Take your card out of the player and reinsert it to play your new playlist.

If you do find the original card again, you can always put something else on the Make Your Own card by simply overwriting it and linking to a different title.

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