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Adding users to a Family AccountUpdated 2 months ago

Set up your player so that more than one person can be linked to the same account

Adding a user to a Family Account

If a partner has already set up your player, got it online and has paired it, this will have set up a Family Account. When you join this Family Account, both of you will be able to see and play all the cards your family owns, as well as manage player settings.

To join an existing Family Account

1. Make sure you are signed in to the app with your own email address 

2. Go to the Menu screen in the app and tap ‘Join a Family Account’

This will take you through a shortened version of the set-up flow (you won’t need to enter Wi-Fi details to get the player online)

Note: You’ll need to enter the six letter security code generated on the front of the player so you will need to have access to the player itself 

3. When prompted, tap ‘Join This Family Account’


Once you have joined a Family Account as the second user, you will see your own details (and the details of any other paired users) at the top of the Players tab in the app.

You will also be able to access settings for each player in your account. From here you can manage settings and personalize features, such as bedtime/wake time and set the color of the nightlight (on Yoto Players). 

See the full support page for pairing your phone and your player here.

 Note: A user account can only be part of one Family Account. If a user joins a Family Account while already being in another Family Account, they will automatically leave their previous Family Account and join the new one. 

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