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Battery level indicatorUpdated 10 months ago

How to tell what the battery level is

Your player’s display will indicate the approximate battery level remaining when you:

  • Remove it from the dock (Yoto Player 2nd Generation)
  • Remove it from the wireless dock* (Yoto Player 3rd Generation)
  • Remove the charging cable (Yoto Player 3rd Generation and Yoto Mini) 
  • Make a short press on the power button when switched on with no card inserted (when your players are not in charge)
  • Make a short press on the power button when turned off and charging (Yoto Player 3rd Generation)

Yoto Player (3rd Generation) volume is limited when battery level is low

When the Yoto player (3rd Generation) battery is getting low, the volume is automatically limited to maintain optimal system performance. The volume bar will show as solid red when you reach the volume limit.

You can also check the battery level in the Status tab of the Yoto app by navigating to the Players - Settings. 

 Note - The battery indicator needs the player to be switched on and charging for at least 30 seconds before it will indicate "fully charged". 
If you've left your player to charge whilst switched off, switch on your player then wait around 30 seconds before you check the battery level

*after removing the wireless dock, the battery indicator will take 10 seconds to update 

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