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A guide to player controls, and what icons displayed on the front mean.


Controlling your player

Find out what the different player controls do. The player controls behave differently depending on whether a card is inserted or not, and also sometimes if the orientation of the player changes (Yoto Player only). Left-hand orange button (Yoto Playe

Playing cards for the first time

A guide to playing cards on your player for the first time. Yoto cards have an NFC chip in them, which is read by your player when the card is inserted. This is like a key that unlocks the audio content, which then plays in one of two ways:. From a l

Does my player need to be online to play content?

To play streamed content (like radio and podcasts) you will need to be online.And the first time you play any card it will be streaming the content, so you will need to be online for that too. But once a card has downloaded to your Player you won't n

Charging the player's battery

How to charge your player using the dock (Yoto Player) or USB-C cable (Yoto Mini), how long a full charge takes and lasts for, and how to tell what the battery level is. Yoto Player comes with a clever magnetic charging dock that easily snaps into pl

What each of the battery icons indicates

Note - if you have a Yoto Mini the icons will be the same as the Yoto Player (below). The player battery is charging (displays for 3 seconds as you charge the player). Battery fully charged. Battery level ok. Battery low. Battery very low. Battery em

Using your player as a Bluetooth speaker

Note - this works the same for Yoto Player and Yoto Mini. If you are a Yoto Mini Beta user then it is suggested you also review this support article. The first step is to enable this feature in the Settings of your player. In the app, navigate to the

Using the Yoto Player as a nightlight

A quick guide to using the Yoto Player nightlight. If you turn Yoto Player onto its front - and be careful only to do this on a friendly surface like a bedside table, not the floor! - this will turn on the nightlight. To turn the nightlight off, just

Using your phone as a hotspot to stream content

Using your phone as a hotspot to get your Player online means that you can play all of your content (including cards that haven’t downloaded, or streamed content like Yoto Radio or podcasts). It’s great for camping trips and holidays where you might

Battery level indicator

Your player’s display will indicate the approximate battery level remaining when you:. Note - The battery indicator needs the player to be switched on and charging for at least 30 seconds before it will indicate "fully charged". If you've left your p

Using the Battery Saver mode

A significant amount of the power your player uses is for the display. By reducing the amount of time the display is showing images when not needed, you can extend the battery life by several hours. To do this there is a feature in Settings called Ba

Using headphones with my player

Both Yoto Player and Yoto Mini have a 3.5mm standard headphone port on the left-hand side for stereo sound. Yoto Mini supports Bluetooth headphones and is available as a beta release. Unfortunately Yoto Player cannot support Bluetooth headphones due

Yoto operating system (OS) updates

What's new in the latest Yoto OS release. Tip: You can check which Yoto OS version your player is running in the Yoto app by going to Account and tapping the  Settings icon next to your player. To get early access to new features and to help us with

Yoto Beta Program

Yoto Beta gives you a chance to preview new features coming to Yoto ahead of general release. To share your feedback, suggestions or report any issues please emails us at [email protected] Please note that when you sign up for Beta you do so for eac