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Charging the player's batteryUpdated a month ago

How to charge your player using the dock (Yoto Player) or USB-C cable (Yoto Mini), how long a full charge takes and lasts for, and how to tell what the battery level is

How to charge Yoto Player using the dock

Yoto Player comes with a clever magnetic charging dock that easily snaps into place when the player is placed on top of it. There will be a sticky paper label to protect the puck - please remove this before sitting the Player on its dock.

When plugged into a wall socket that is turned on, the dock will charge your Player whether it is switched on or off. Please note that the battery indicator on the display currently needs the player to be switched on and docked for at least 30 seconds before it will indicate "fully charged".

How to charge Yoto Mini using the USB-C cable

Yoto Mini comes with a USB-C charging cable, so you can charge Yoto Mini in the car and everywhere and (hopefully) never run out of juice. 

The charging port is on the right-hand side of your Yoto Mini, underneath the on/off button. When the cable is plugged into a wall socket that is turned on, your player will charge whether it is switched on or off.

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