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Yoto Beta ProgramUpdated a month ago

Yoto Beta gives you a chance to preview new features coming to Yoto ahead of general release.

To share your feedback, suggestions or report any issues, please email us at [email protected].

Please note that when you sign up for Beta, you do so for each product individually.

Yoto OS Beta

You can enrol your Player into Yoto OS Beta in Yoto App by navigating to Player Settings → Yoto Beta Labs section. (You don't need Yoto App Beta)

Latest Yoto Player OS Beta version:

Yoto OS v2.10.3 (3rd November 2022)

  • Fix audio synchronization of startup jingle sound and animation
  • Support for MVP alarm functionality
  • Enhancements and fixes for hardware-specific features
  • Various general bug fixes

Yoto OS v2.9.13 (13th October 2022)

  • Fix nightlight brightness not changing while playing content

Yoto OS v2.9.12 (7th October 2022)

  • Fix issue with Yoto face showing in Bluetooth speaker mode

Yoto OS v2.9.11 (5th October 2022)

  • Fixed issue with the right button not cancelling setup mode
  • Improved factory reset flow
  • Fixed issue with audio not always playing on wired headphones
  • Fixed eject request icon not being shown when trying to pair device
  • General bug fixes

Yoto OS v2.9.10

  • Fix issue with the right button not cancelling setup mode
  • Prevent OS freeze with Bluetooth headphones
  • Fix crash due to double-close of sdcard file
  • Don't trigger SoftAP when entering factory reset mode
  • Fix wired headphones detection and audio routing
  • Show eject icon when trying to trigger SoftAP with card inserted
  • Add reconditioning support to player
  • Prevent crackle on V2 when switching to BT mode

Yoto OS v2.9.6

  • IDF updated to 4.4.2
  • Alarms - Initial support (WIP)
  • Fixes to logging for SD failure
  • Improvements to event management
  • New HW display tests for factory

Yoto OS v2.8.6 (9th August 2022)

  • Fix for pause/resume icon not being cleared when content stopped from the app

Yoto OS v2.8.4 (19th July 2022)

  • Fixed issue with BT audio playing from speakers when headphones are connected
  • Fixed audio playback issue and pause icon disappearing when device moved from dock while paused
  • Fixed Yoto face logo being shown rather than time when removing a card
  • Fixed crackling fire icon not being shown

Yoto App Beta

You can sign up via one of these links:

iPhone: https://testflight.apple.com/join/di4bwD5z


Make Your Own Beta

No sign-up necessary, visit the Beta version of MYO web app at my-beta.yotoplay.com/create.

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