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Using your player as a Bluetooth speakerUpdated 10 months ago

Note - this works the same for Yoto Player and Yoto Mini.

1. Enable Bluetooth

The first step is to enable this feature in the Settings of your player. In the app, navigate to the Players section and tap the Settings icon for your player. 

The Bluetooth Pairing switch is at the bottom of the Settings screen, in the ‘Advanced’ section (toggle this ‘on’ to set it to ‘enabled’).


2. Enter Bluetooth Pairing Mode

Push the left-hand orange button on your player for around three seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. You will see a gray Bluetooth icon on the display when this happens. For Yoto Player (3rd Generation) and Yoto Mini, there are two Bluetooth modes, one to pair your Bluetooth headphones, one to use your player as Bluetooth Speaker. Select the icon showing a speaker by clicking on the right-hand button to validate.

3. Pair your device

Now, on your device (your phone probably), pair with your player as you would any other Bluetooth speaker through your phone’s Bluetooth settings. When successful, you will see the below icon on the display of your Yoto. After you connect the player to your phone via your phone's Bluetooth settings, short-press the right-hand button, and you're all set.

4. Play your audio

When pairing is complete, you can play audio content from your device straight onto your player.

To navigate content in Bluetooth speaker mode, you will need to use your phone, and not the buttons on the player. 


5. Exit Bluetooth Mode

To exit Bluetooth mode, simply press the left-hand orange button for around three seconds and the player will revert to normal play mode.

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