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Playing cards for the first timeUpdated 2 months ago

A guide to playing cards on your player for the first time

How do Yoto cards work?

Yoto cards have an NFC chip in them, which is read by your player when the card is inserted. This is like a key that unlocks the audio content, which then plays in one of two ways:

From a locally stored file
Content that has been previously played on that player will have been downloaded and will play from the file stored locally on your player. Your player does not have to be online to play content that is stored locally.

Streaming audio
If the card is being played for the first time, or hasn't completely downloaded to the player yet (or is a piece of streaming content like a radio station) the content will stream to the player. To do this, you will need your player to be online, and the Wi-Fi connection needs to be solid.


A good way to start playing cards

If you want to make sure the first experience your child or children have with their player is really positive, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Go through the setup process to get your player online and paired with your account
  2. Take all of your cards and pop them into your player one by one
  3. Then remove your final card and leave your player switched on, charging and online, overnight

This will give your player ample time to download all the content, and when you come back to it the cards should play seamlessly

Playback issues

You should have no issues with card playback. But in some cases where the Wi-Fi connection is poor, or if your player is trying to download several audio files at the same time - for example when you first set up the device - you may experience break up or stuttering to the audio. You can read our support page for this, here.

Note: Content will only download when your  player is not being used, and has no cards inserted. 

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