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Using headphones with my playerUpdated 3 months ago

Can I use wired headphones with my player?

Both Yoto Player and Yoto Mini have a 3.5mm standard headphone port on the left-hand side for stereo sound. 

Can I use Bluetooth/wireless headphones with my player?

Yoto Mini supports Bluetooth headphones and is available as a beta release. Unfortunately Yoto Player cannot support Bluetooth headphones due to an incompatible chipset. You can enrol your Yoto Mini into Yoto OS Beta in the Yoto App by navigating to Player Settings → Yoto Beta Labs section.

How to pair your headphones (or other Bluetooth device) with your Yoto Mini:

  1. Keeping them close to your Yoto Mini, turn on your Bluetooth headphones and initiate pairing mode so they go looking for your Yoto Mini.
  1. On your Yoto Mini press and hold the left hand orange button for around 3 seconds until the Bluetooth speaker mode icon appears like this:

Note: If you want to use your Yoto Mini as a Bluetooth speaker then press the right hand button, and then on your device (your phone probably), pair with your Yoto Mini as you would any other Bluetooth speaker through your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

  1. Rotate the right hand button clockwise to display the headphone icon and press the right hand button to start pairing mode so it goes looking for your headphones. The Bluetooth icon will start flashing blue.

  1. When successfully paired the display icons will become full colour, and a blue pixel will appear in the top left corner of the Yoto Mini clock face display (this indicates that Bluetooth is active). Your headphones should now play the audio from Mini instead of the Mini’s speaker.

As this is a beta Yoto OS release for testing, there are a few gremlins we want to make you aware of with some troubleshooting tips:

  • Bluetooth headphones not re-connecting to the player automatically: Reconnect by pressing the left and rotating the right hand button choosing the headphone icon
  • Audio stuttering: Disconnect headphones, and reconnect by pressing the left and rotating the right hand button choosing the headphone icon
  • Can't pair Bluetooth headphones to the player: Some headphones work on a different Bluetooth version by default, please try pressing the pairing buttons on your headphones a second time and try again
  • Player pairs to wrong Bluetooth headphones: Yoto scans for Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode and connects to the one with the stronger signal. Make sure all other Bluetooth devices are not in range or turn them off

Please help us with the beta testing by reporting any Bluetooth headphones or speakers that fail to connect completely or that you are having problems here

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