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Yoto operating system (OS) updatesUpdated a month ago

What's new in the latest Yoto OS release

Tip: You can check which Yoto OS version your player is running in the Yoto app by going to Account and tapping the Settings icon next to your player 

To get early access to new features and to help us with testing, you can sign up to our Beta program here.

Latest releases

Yoto OS V.2.11.1 Beta user only (18th January 2023)

  • Prevent screen turning from off during pairing process
  • Improvements to testing framework
  • Fixed issue with wired headphones playing over volume limit when Bluetooth headphones are also connected
  • aw881xx watchdog timeout workaround for Mini player
  • UX improvements for the Bluetooth menu
  • Bluetooth: fix enabling Bluetooth for the first time

Yoto OS v2.10.7 (21st November 2022)

  • Optimize Wi-Fi power consumption when disconnected
  • Optimize NFC power consumption when auto power-off is enabled
  • Fix audio synchronization of startup jingle sound and animation
  • Improve power consumption after shutdown on Mini (fix headphone power management logic)
  • Support for MVP alarm functionality
  • Any button press can be used to cancel a sounding alarm
  • Fix nightlight brightness not changing while playing content

Yoto OS v2.9.13 (20th October 2022)

  • Fixed issue with the right button not cancelling setup mode
  • Fixed issue with audio not always playing on wired headphones
  • Prevent OS freeze with Bluetooth headphones (support available in Beta only)
  • Fix bug with wired headphones detection and audio routing
  • Don't trigger Wi-Fi setup when entering factory reset mode
  • Show eject icon when trying to trigger Wi-Fi setup whilst card inserted
  • Prevent crackle on Player when switching to BT mode
  • Fix for playback of certain podcasts that were causing a crash

Yoto OS v2.8.6 (17th August 2022)

  • Fixed issue with BT audio playing from speakers when headphones are connected
  • Fixed Yoto face logo being shown rather than time when removing a card
  • Fixed crackling fire icon not being shown
  • Pause and resume audio coming soon:
    • Fix for pause/resume icon not being cleared when content stopped from the app
    • Fixed audio playback issue and pause icon disappearing when device moved from dock while paused

Yoto OS v2.7.24 (28th Jun 2022)

  • Behind the scene system updates for upcoming Bluetooth headphones support on Yoto Mini 
  • Pause and resume audio playback (without removing card) - coming soon
  • Resume podcast streams from last played position (where supported by podcast publisher)
  • Mini - fixed screen flicker seen across Yoto OS restarts
  • Improvements to SD card reliability
  • Player - improved protection against crashes on low battery

Yoto OS v2.6.4221 (28th Mar 2022)

  • Mini - Fix for occasional odd speaker noise
  • Mini - Reduced volume on lowest settings
  • During Wi-Fi setup always turn on display (even if turned off in Player settings)
  • Player - improved responsiveness on card insertion
  • Improved battery life when out of reach of recognized Wi-Fi network
  • Fix unexpected auto power-off in BT speaker mode
  • Fix crash when Wi-Fi drops at point of Yoto Radio starting to play

Yoto OS v2.6.3966 (24th Jan 2022)

  • Fixes issue with card playback sometimes not starting automatically after power up
  • Couple of minor improvements and bug fixes

Yoto OS v2.6.3881 (13th Jan 2022)

  • Faster initial update on App-Player connection
  • Updated Yoto Mini battery profile for more accurate readings

Yoto OS v2.6.3866 (30th Nov 2021)

  • Improves stability of audio playback from SD card

Yoto OS v2.6.3859 (17th Nov 2021)

  • Provide information on currently playing card (coming soon to Yoto App)
  • Refreshed sun and moon icons for clock
  • Updated audio prompts
  • Improved performance when content is not available on SD card
  • Fix for chapter number sometimes remaining overlaid on clock display
  • Improved battery level indicators
  • Wake-up Player display when Player settings are changed in Yoto App

Yoto OS v2.6.3818 (1st Nov 2021)

  • Under-the-hood improvements for features coming to the Yoto app later this year
  • Battery saver - display automatically wakes up on track change
  • Player will now automatically return to sun/moon clock 15 minutes after playback of a card has stopped

 Yoto OS v2.5.3280(1st Jul 2021)

  • Fixes issue with Player Wi-Fi Setup failing when in proximity of WPA3 Wi-Fi networks

 Yoto OS v2.5.3233(23rd Jun 2021)

  • Support Wi-Fi set up connecting to mobile hotspot without need for a second mobile to run the Yoto App
  • Fix for low volume when using headphones issue
  • Updated night light red colour to new Tambourine Red to match Adventure Jacket colour
  • Improvements to Yoto Player setup user flows
  • More responsive volume control
  • Fixed an issue where cached content wouldn’t play in offline mode
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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