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Does my player need to be online to play content?Updated 3 months ago

Yes, and no.

To play streamed content (like radio and podcasts) you will need to be online.

And the first time you play any card it will be streaming the content, so you will need to be online for that too. 

But once a card has downloaded to your Player you won't need to be online to play that card after that. 

Note - cards automatically download to your Player after you play them, so it's a good idea to keep your Player online for a bit after you've played new cards

Quick guide

Out of the box

You will need to connect your Player when you first get it to set it up.

The first time you play a card your Player will need to be online as it will stream the content from the Cloud. 

Cards that have downloaded to your Player

Once you have played a card it will automatically download to your Player’s on-board memory. When it has done this, you can then play that card without needing your Player to be online.

Note - this only works for content that can be downloaded. Cards that are linked to radio stations or podcasts will not work if your Player is offline as they need to stream content from the Cloud.

Playing content from the app

If your phone is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data), you will be able to play any of the content in your Library on your phone. This includes radio, podcasts and cards that haven’t downloaded to your Player yet.

If you want to play content on your Player via the app, both your phone and your Player will need to be online.

If you have more than one Player in your Family Account

Cards that you have in your Library will automatically download to any Players that you add to your Family Account and you will be able to play any content from your Library on any of your Players, through the app.

Content will need to have downloaded to your Player’s on-board memory before you will be able to play them (on your Player) without being online.

Downloaded content status

You can see if there are any cards queued to download on your Player in the Status panel of the Settings page for each of your Players.

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