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Editing and cancelling orders

 You cannot cancel or update your order via the website once it has been placed. 

 Please ensure you check your cart, shipping address and billing details before progressing to checkout. 

If you have made a mistake while placing an order

Contact us as soon as possible with the subject "Urgent Order XXXXX to cancel/update" so we can look at your query as a priority.

Please confirm what you wish to change/update/cancel, so we can take action as soon as possible. 

We are unable to add or swap products to orders that have already been checked out and paid for as we have no way of reverse-charging them to customers.

Our warehouses dispatch orders as soon as possible, so there might be times when updating/cancelling an order is not feasible as it has been packed and shipped already. In that case, please wait for your order to arrive and return the product to us for a refund. More about the refund process here.

We can't amend billing addresses for customers due to security reasons. 

Please update your billing details in your account before placing your order. Once an order has been placed, it is not possible to change this.

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