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How can I choose my Club cards?Updated 3 months ago

You can choose your Club cards directly in the Card Store on our website. 

As a Yoto Club member, when you are logged in, you'll see a green bar above the cards, in the card store. This will show you the number of Club credits you have available (shown in the white circle). 

Each Club credit can be spent to order one Club card. For card packs, you will need one Club credit per Club card in the pack.

You can use the Club card filter into the Card Store, to only display Yoto Club cards.

You can apply the Club filter on its own, or with any of our existing Card Store filters: 

  • Age Range
  • Card Type
  • New
  • Content Type
  • Language
  • Authors

In addition, all cards included in our Club collection have a little green tent icon on the bottom right of the card. As you browse the Card Store, anywhere you see that icon, you'll know you can get that card in exchange for one Club credit.

You can also visit the Yoto Club page, and look for the 'New to Yoto Club' and 'Leaving soon' carousels to reveal our updated additions. We'll update these on the first business day of each month (excluding Public / Bank Holidays).

When you have Club credits available, and you are choosing cards from the Club collection, you'll see cards display a $/£0.00 cost in the card store and your basket.

Take a look at our blog post which goes through step by step how to choose your cards in new Yoto Club.

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