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How do I refer a friend?Updated a month ago

Refer a friend

Our loyalty program will allow you to give a 10% discount code to any of your friends on their first order with us, as well as having some benefits for you too.

To find your code and more info on this program, simply follow these steps:

Once you have logged into your account on YotoPlay.com, go to My Account, then on the My Yoto Tokens tab (My Yoto Points for US customers), and if you scroll down a little on that page you will find your referral link to share with your friends.

After 7 days of your friends using that code (the time for us to verify and ship their order), you will receive the relative tokens.

Note: using your own referral link will not work. If you are sharing your referral link with someone using the same internet network as you, ask them to use a different network when tapping the link.

On March 2nd 2021, we migrated towards a new loyalty programme. 

Log in to your account to access our new loyalty programme: My Yoto Tokens

Please ensure you’re using the right information to refer your friends. Your previous links and codes (FRIEND-XXXXX or THANKS-XXXXX) are no longer valid. 

Visit the FAQ section on our My Yoto Tokens page to learn more.

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