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How do I spend Yoto Tokens / Yoto Points?Updated 6 months ago

Your Yoto Tokens (UK and Europe) or Yoto Points (USA and Canada) can be turned in for a free shipping code from the respective page in your account (after logging into your account, select 'My Yoto Tokens' or 'My Yoto Points').

They can also be spent on the last page of the checkout to transform them into a discount code that applies to your basket. 
This is done via a slider (PC) or a dropdown menu (smartphone), which will be on the right side of the screen (PC) or down the middle (smartphone).

If you can't see the slider or dropdown menu, please ensure that you are using our own store checkout page, and not ShopPay checkoutIf your browser defaults to ShopPay, you can exit by using the 'Back' option, or even log out entirely from ShopPay.

Please note that only one code can be used per order, so you won't be able to spend the Tokens / Points if another code or promotion is already applied to your basket.

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