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How to prepare your Player / Mini for holidays?Updated 2 months ago

Off on a family adventure this summer? Whether you’re soaring off to sunnier climes or packing up and hitting the road, get your Yoto Player or Yoto Mini ready for travel in 3 easy steps:


Pick your Yoto Cards
Pop your cards into your player to start downloading. You only need to play each card for a few seconds.


Give it a moment
Let your player charge quietly overnight. A good internet connection or placing your player near a router will speed your downloads up.


Visit the Yoto App
You can check your card downloads in Player Settings. If it’s taking longer than expected, drop us a message.


You’re ready for action!
Check your audio is ready by disconnecting the player from Wi-Fi and popping one of your downloaded cards in. Now your kids can enjoy their favorite cards anywhere, any time. Bon voyage!

Important info for intrepid adventurers
Can my kids listen to audio whilst offline? 
Yes! With their Yoto Cards downloaded, your kids can enjoy their favorite audio anywhere.
There are some features they won't be able to use offline, like Yoto Radio, Yoto Daily, podcast and radio cards, and the day-and-night clock. They also won’t be able to play cards that you haven't downloaded, so don’t skip those earlier steps!
If you come prepared, your player will be the perfect audio companion for your summer adventures.
Is there anything I should check before I go offline?
Yes. You won’t be able to access your player settings whilst offline, so make sure you set your night light color and maximum volume limit in advance.
My player is greyed out in the Yoto App. What does this mean? 
Don’t panic - that just means that your player is offline, and won’t be able to use online features until it’s connected again.

How do I keep my player safe on its travels? 
Good adventurers always come prepared. Protect your player from bumps and scratches with an Adventure Jacket, or keep your card collection organized with our hard shell Travel Case. 
Need a bit of peace and quiet on a loooong journey? Yoto Headphones to the rescue! Ah, sweet silence.

You can shop our full range of accessories here.
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