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Introduction to Make Your Own cardsUpdated a year ago

In a nutshell

  • You can turn your family’s favorite audio into Yoto Cards

  • The Yoto App lets you share your original creations with friends and family

  • It’s safer to only share Make Your Own cards with people you know and trust

  • Only make and share MYO cards using audio that you created or that you have permission to use

  • You can read our Friends and Family Sharing Policy over here

Get creative with Make Your Own Cards

Make Your Own cards are a blank canvas for your family’s creativity.

They let you turn your own voice recordings into Yoto Cards and listen to the audio that your family loves on your Yoto Player and Yoto Mini.

So dust off your best storytelling voice (or singing voice, if you’re a performer at heart) and get creative. Or dig through that pile of CDs and make the ultimate family mixtape in minutes.

You can also share Make Your Own playlists with your family and friends. In just a couple of taps, your friends and family can listen to your Make Your Own creations on their Yoto Player or Yoto Mini.

We just ask that you be a mindful maker. By respecting copyright, you allow authors and artists to do what they do best (and be paid for it). And by only sharing with those you know and trust, you help keep Yoto safe for kids everywhere.

Only share audio with people you know and trust

Sharing is based on trust. And trust underpins everything we do at Yoto.

Our audio players don’t have microphones or cameras because we want to protect your privacy. We don’t serve ads* to kids because we want their play and learning to be free from outside influence. We listen to every title in our Card Store, so you can shop with confidence.

But we don’t monitor the audio content shared on the Make Your Own platform. So we rely on you, as the experts in what’s right for your family, to take care when creating and sharing Make Your Own cards.

By sharing playlists and files only with those you know and trust, you can be sure that your kids will always have a safe and joyful experience with Yoto.

*Some third party radio stations (such as Fun Kids) may feature some advertising. The presence of advertising is declared on product pages and in-app listings so you can make informed choices. Yoto does not benefit from or receive any payment for these ads.

Only use audio you create or have permission to use

Copyright protects creative work and the people who make it.

From global publishers to independent creators like YolanDa Brown and Caspar Babypants, copyright stops creative work from being copied, shared or sold by people who don’t have the right to do so. 

Without copyright, anyone could share or sell “Singalong Songs” to whomever they like without paying its creator a cent for their hard work. If that happened, a garden full of moles would be the least of Caspar’s problems!

So we love copyright because it makes it safe for people to create inspiring audio for Yoto.

When creating or sharing Make Your Own cards, only use audio you’ve created yourself or that you have permission to use. If you’re not sure whether you have permission, read the terms and conditions provided by the audio rights holders.

Each creator or rights holder will have their own copyright terms and conditions, and copyright is different in different countries, so we cannot advise you on whether your audio can be used.

Read our Friends and Family Sharing Policy

If you still have questions about creating or sharing Make Your Own cards or sharing playlists, check out our Friends and Family Sharing Policy. It explains how our algorithm detects Make Your Own audio that might be infringing on our policies, unpacks copyright in greater detail, and much more.

You can find it here.

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