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Make Your Own cards overview

What are Make Your Own cards?

You can choose whatever you want to put on a Make Your Own card, so it’s time to get creative!

Make a card from stories, songs and sounds that you record yourself. Or use songs or audiobooks from your own collection - if you have a bunch of MP3s you’d like to make a playlist from.

You can also make cards from our curated selection of radio stations and podcasts, so you can play these on your player directly from a card without needing to go via the app.

You can even make cards for radio stations and podcast episodes not featured on the Yoto app. And you can make replacement cards for ones you have temporarily misplaced behind the sofa!

If you want to update a card with new tracks, you can do this. And if you want to put something completely different on the same card, you can do that too, just by repeating the instructions below.

How it works

There are three steps to creating Make Your Own cards:

  1. Decide which audio you want to use
  2. Create a playlist
  3. Link that playlist to a Make Your Own card

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What format files does Make Your Own support?

You can make Yoto cards with any content that you own that is in MP3 or AAC/M4A format.

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