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Need more help?Updated 12 days ago

Join Yoto Space, a community where you can learn more about Yoto, share your feedback, ideas and discover new audio.

You can also speak with one of our specialists by using the 'Message us' button in this page.

If you do not see the 'Message us' button, it could be because you are using a VPN or browsing from an old device which cannot load the widget. As an alternative, you can also email us at [email protected]

Consider taking pictures, video and audio recordings to help us better understand and troubleshoot the issue that you're experiencing.

Our live chat supports sending files (audio, video or images) up to 10MB. If you need to share with us something larger, please use https://wetransfer.com/ to upload and share your file with us. The process is very simple and the service completely free (up to 2GB).

If you prefer calling us, the following numbers are open from 9am to 5pm EST and free to call from their respective region.

English language support:

USA and Canada: +1 844 370 0426 

UK: 0800 048 5841 

Australia: 1800 202 477 

French language support:

France: 0 805 98 05 35 

USA and Canada: +1 844 364 2473 

International callers can use their region exit code as prefix to call the US/CA numbers, as per below.

+[REGION EXIT CODE] 844 370 0426 (English language)

+[REGION EXIT CODE] 844 364 2473 (French language)

International call rates may apply.

Tip: If you're getting in touch about your player, you can help us answer your question more quickly by telling us your Player Registration Code and whether you're using an iOS or Android phone. Once your player is set up, you'll find your Player Registration Code in the Yoto app under Players > Settings. It helps us identify your player quickly, so we can help you from the moment we hear from you.

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