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Still need help?Updated 4 months ago

Join Yoto Space, a community where you can learn more about Yoto, share your feedback, ideas and discover new audio.

Our customer happiness and support teams are always happy to answer any questions you might have!

If you have a question about your player, you can reach us through the contact form or live chat in this page.

And if you'd just like to submit a suggestion for new features, audio content, you can make a submission by selecting Product feedback in the contact form menu. We read every single submission!

Tip: If you're getting in touch about your player, you can help us answer your question more quickly by telling us your Player Registration Code and whether you're using an iOS or Android phone. Once your player is set up, you'll find your Player Registration Code in the Yoto app under Players > Settings. It helps us identify your player quickly, so we can help you from the moment we hear from you.


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