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What are you doing to offer more inclusive content?Updated 2 months ago

We're working hard to make Yoto as inclusive as possible

This is (maybe not surprisingly) difficult in a publishing industry which has traditionally centered white voices. This bias directly impacts which kids’ titles are turned into audiobooks, which then restricts the audiobooks that are then available for us to license.

However, we’re working with our publishers and partners right now to license and develop great kids’ audio by creators from diverse backgrounds, and which feature diverse characters, stories and perspectives.

If you have any suggestions of kids’ audiobooks, music or podcasts that you’d like to hear on Yoto, please let us know! 😊 We’re always open to and grateful for the suggestions from our community. 

We have a vibrant community called Yoto Space, where you can submit your suggestions, and also find plenty of Yoto Cards recommendations, as well as original stories and tips to make the most out of your Yoto player.

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