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Why am I not getting the Club free shipping and 10% discount?Updated 8 months ago

The Yoto Club benefits are tied to the Club monthly orders.

Yoto Club grants you with free standard domestic shipping and 10% off everything in our store, but only if you are an active Club member.  

These benefits are not linked to your Club credits: if you cancel your Club membership, you will keep your Club credits (which expire after 1 year), but you will lose your Club benefits after 31 days from your last Club order.

In other words, if you don't have a Club monthly order in your account in the last 31 days, you will not get the free standard shipping and 10% discount, because your Club membership is not active.

If you wish to move the date of a Club order closer, or to process the order immediately to get your benefits today, please contact us.

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