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Yoto display iconsUpdated 2 months ago

Yoto Display Icons

A guide to the different icons that appear on the front display of your player

The player is offline and time is unknown - please run setup in the Yoto app to get the player online

The player is connected to Wi-Fi but not connected to the internet - this can happen if your internet connection is down

Wi-Fi Setup (animated)
Your player is attempting to connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Setup
(static) Wi-Fi connection successful
(animated) Player software in progress

Wi-Fi Setup
Setup successful

Wi-Fi Setup
Setup cancelled

The player’s battery is charging 

Battery level good 

Unrecognised card

The inserted card has not been recognised
Your player must be  online to read new cards

Content requires Wi-Fi 
This content requires the player to be online (e.g a radio card)

Yoto OS update required
This card requires a player software update 

Remove card


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